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June 24, 2024


Highlights from Crestview Strategy’s weekly Canada-wide newsletter:


Naheed Nenshi is the Leader of the Alberta NDP

Former Calgary Mayor, Naheed Nenshi has been decisively elected as the next leader of the Alberta NDP on the first ballot with over 86% of the vote. Of the 85,144 eligible members, 72,930 cast their ballots. This is an impressive voter turnout, far surpassing previous NDP leadership races. Nenshi is expected to lead the party to the center, closer to the traditional centrist brand he has cultivated over his time as Calgary’s Mayor. This likely means a distancing from the federal NDP and observers should expect a degree of tension from some members of the NDP’s caucus. The unresolved question is how much power that faction of the NDP will wield, given that all other leadership candidates were only able to capture less than 15% of the vote between them. Top of mind for Nenshi will be securing a seat in the Legislature in advance of October, when session resumes. While the riding of Lethbridge West will be open, following a resignation by MLA Shannon Phillips, Nenshi and his advisors may opt to wait for a safer seat in Edmonton or Calgary to become available. Albertans should also expect large staffing shake-ups within the NDP as Nenshi brings in close allies to support the NDP’s transition to the center.

Atlantic Canada

N.S Fixed Rent To Be Tied To Household Income

Over the next four years, starting November 13, 2024, rent for all Nova Scotians living in public housing will be tied to household income. The changes announced by the government are based on recommendations from a 2022 AG report recommending updates were needed to lease policies. These changes are expected to affect approximately 13% of tenants with some seeing decreases in their rent and others seeing increases. The rent cap will be set to 30% of income for a single person and 25% for families, which is in line with what the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation considers to be affordable. The changes are not expected to affect those receiving income assistance.

British Columbia

Closure of Open Net Salmon Farms in 2029

The federal government announced a delay in the closure of open net salmon farms off British Columbia’s coast until 2029, allowing a transition to closed containment systems. This decision, initially set for next year, drew mixed reactions. Fisheries Minister Diane Lebouthillier emphasized a responsible and achievable transition plan, but industry leaders criticized the decision for lacking scientific basis and threatening jobs. Environmental groups welcomed the move but argued the timeline was insufficient given the urgency of protecting wild salmon. The transition plan, affecting 79 farms, aligns with Prime Minister Trudeau’s 2019 pledge to phase out ocean-pen farming.


Engineering Report Leads To Closure Of Ontario Science Centre Building

In light of a new report revealing significant structural issues with the Ontario Science Centre building, the Board of Trustees has decided to close the facility effective immediately. Members and summer camp participants will be reimbursed, with alternative summer camp programming provided at a nearby school. Infrastructure Ontario plans to release a Request for Proposals to find a temporary location for the Science Centre and aims to open a new permanent facility at Ontario Place by 2028.


House Rises for the Summer, Government Vows to Return ‘Ruthlessly’ Focused on Improving Canadians’ Lives

The House of Commons adjourned early for the summer after passing several key pieces of legislation, including the Budget Implementation Act, Bill C-69 and the second Fall Economic Statement Act, Bill C-59. Despite a coordinated push by Conservative MP’s to schedule committee meetings over the summer, the motion to adjourn was approved by all parties. Government House Leader Steven MacKinnon highlighted the government’s accomplishments, including passing 15 bills in 14 weeks and delivering programs to improve dental care, childcare, housing, and pharmacare. The House will return on September 16.


TTC CEO Rick Leary Resigns After Guiding Transit Agency Through Pandemic and Key Contract Talks

Rick Leary, CEO of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), announced his resignation at a city hall press conference, effective August 30. Leary, who led the TTC through the pandemic and recently secured a critical labor agreement to avoid a strike, cited a desire to explore new opportunities after a decade with the agency. Despite facing a workplace investigation and various challenges, Leary expressed pride in his tenure and the progress made under his leadership. The TTC board will appoint an interim CEO in the coming weeks.


A New Consortium to Promote Green Technologies

Quebec is investing millions in a new consortium to support clean technology startupsfrom ideation to international commercialization. Launched by Cycle Momentum, incubator 2 Degrés, and innovation accelerator IVÉO, the Consortium en technologies propres aims to rapidly expand the pool of green tech companies and accelerate the market introduction of innovations to reduce environmental impact. By identifying promising markets and aiding in technology commercialization, the consortium seeks to attract investors and ensure continuous support for startups. The initiative also emphasizes the importance of early international commercialization to foster growth and prevent premature sales of innovations.

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