Crestview Strategy Further Expands Equity Partnership, Adds Two New Equity Partners

May 8, 2024

Crestview Strategy has taken another important step forward in the continued growth of the Canadianbased leading public affairs agency. Today Crestview Strategy further expands the equity partnership with the addition of two new equity partners into the business. This expansion brings the total number of equity owners in Crestview Strategy to fourteen, including: 

Ashton Arsenault  Rob Gilmour  Matthew John 
Joseph Lavoie  Christine McMillan  Rob Moore 
Dan Moulton  Julian Ovens  John Ratchford 
Sarina Rehal  Chad Rogers  Ginny Roth 
Mark Spiro  Nick Varley   

The two new Partners announced today – Ashton Arsenault and Rob Gilmour – have each contributed to the growth of the business. They have demonstrated an accountability to the success of the agency consistent with ownership and have earned the opportunity to be offered equity in the agency.  

This expansion represents another step forward in the successful execution of a multi-year growth plan in the business and in the ownership of the agency. The agency is committed to maintaining aggressive growth targets and continuing to add new Partners and expand the ownership of the business in the coming years.  

In addition to the two new equity owners joining the partnership today, the eight new Partners announced in 2023 have continued to acquire a larger share of equity in the agency and are expected to continue to do so in the years ahead.  

Providing equity to the best performers in the industry is a key element of Crestview Strategy’s growth plan and increases the firm’s ability to attract and retain exceptional talent and provide clients with a broad array of services. With this expansion, Crestview Strategy will be able to better serve clients on larger, more complex mandates across new markets worldwide.  

Crestview Strategy is an international public affairs agency with more than 110 professionals working from Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, London, U.K., Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, and Washington, D.C. Our team of subject matter experts specialize in offering their vast experience helping international brands and companies quickly enter and gain approval within the Canadian legislative and regulatory frameworks. Our seasoned professionals have worked with multi-national corporations, associations, and not-for-profit organizations alike in helping them achieve their strategic objectives.

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