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strategy and tactics that drive winning arguments

We effectively represent the interests of corporations, not-for-profits and industry associations to achieve results with governments around the world. No longer is a winning outcome based on ‘who you know’ or the ‘magic meeting’. It is about contributing to the policy process, presenting a case that is supported by authentic community voices, and getting in front of the right decision-makers and opinion leaders to make that case effectively.

Policy Development

Crestview Strategy articulates, quantifies, and demonstrates policy impact in a format and context that moves decision makers. This includes economic modeling, impact reports and white papers that are based on research that is readable and written specifically with policymakers in mind.

Government Relations Planning

Crestview Strategy relies on rigorous adherence to planning as the primary task in all engagements on behalf of clients. The plan will confirm and articulate objectives, determine the scenarios that deliver successful outcomes, and will always be based on data-driven information and analysis. This Intelligence Gathering that is at the core of the plan is a critical differentiator in Crestview Strategy’s approach and is obtained through networks that have been developed over decades, and secondary research that provides helpful insight into the business, financial marketplace, and the current political environment fundamental to the pursuit of public policy impact.

Media & Advocacy Training

Crestview Strategy has coached and trained senior political leaders and executives to effectively state their case in front of high stakes forums such as parliamentary committees, shareholder meetings and the media. We can stage mock interviews, committee hearings, depositions, and panel discussions, analyzing performance to ensure the desired impression and narrative is delivered successfully.


Direct engagement with elected officials and decision-makers is often a core requirement in effecting change and achieving winning outcomes on legislative and regulatory issues in front of government. Crestview Strategy professionals have worked inside and outside of government and are registered lobbyists on behalf of our clients on every level of government in every jurisdiction in Canada, while simultaneously growing internationally in other locations.

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Dan Moulton

Dan Moulton Partner

Josh Harvey

Josh Harvey Senior Consultant

Nicholas Pozhke Senior Consultant

Kema Joseph

Kema Joseph Consultant

Nour Fahmy

Nour Fahmy Campaign Strategist

Susie Heath

Susie Heath Senior Consultant

Bill Anderson

Bill Anderson Vice President

Mira Ahmad

Mira Ahmad Senior Campaign Strategist

Chad Rogers Partner

Jordan Hudyma Campaign Strategist

Tom Vernon Consultant

Lee Boswell Consultant

Ginny Roth

Ginny Roth Partner

Laila Hawrylyshyn Consultant

Celia McSwaine Vice President

Ishwari Sawant

Ishwari Sawant Consultant

Alex Chreston

Alex Chreston Vice President

Rob Moore

Rob Moore Partner

Bernie Morton

Bernie Morton Vice President

John Ratchford

John Ratchford Partner

Jon Robinson

Jon Robinson Senior Consultant

Karen Restoule Vice President

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali Vice President

Jeremy Stanford Consultant

John O'Leary

John O’Leary Senior Consultant

Sarina Rehal

Sarina Rehal Partner

Gurratan Singh Vice President

Robyn McIsaac

Robyn McIsaac Vice President

Alexa Sipeki Consultant

Jason Craik Senior Consultant

Erlis Fino

Erlis Fino Campaign Strategist

Harry Burns Vice President

Marnie Myszko Consultant

Henry Standage Consultant

Andrew Brander Vice President

Jasmine Lagundzija

Jasmine Lagundzija Senior Consultant

Will Wuehr Consultant

Rob Gilmour

Rob Gilmour Vice President

Bridget Howe

Bridget Howe Senior Consultant

Vaibhav Joshi

Vaibhav Joshi Consultant

Taleesha Thorogood

Taleesha Thorogood Senior Consultant

Julian Ovens

Julian Ovens Partner

Mark Spiro Partner

Dale Palmeter Senior Consultant

Alex Benac Vice President

Nick Varley

Nick Varley Partner

Melika Khajeh Research Analyst

Stefano Hollands

Stefano Hollands Consultant

Emily Thorne

Emily Thorne Vice President

Evan Menzies

Evan Menzies Senior Campaign Strategist

Marty von Wuthenau

Marty von Wuthenau Vice President

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