Public Relations Campaigns


mobilize influencers to build winning engagement

We build and run campaigns that mobilize support and impact change for associations, not-for-profits, political and corporate clients. Mobilization campaigns are premised on the fact that for elected officials, the single most influential voice in shaping their decision is that of their local voters and community leaders. The benefits of mobilization go beyond a one-off campaign. The long-term goal of mobilization is to increase engagement, provide greater value for members, and to increase the share of voice and influence outcomes.

Community Consultations

Crestview Strategy designs, leads, and facilitates community consultations that deliver value, and are focused on outcomes to achieve client objectives. Leveraging international best practices, every consultation plan is unique. Our team develops specific tools and tactics that will lead to meaningful engagement and brings your stakeholders along to build support, proactively address challenges, and surface new opportunities.

Creative Content Development

Crestview Strategy produces innovative materials and effective campaign assets that engage and influence target audiences. Issue driven, public opinion campaigns require unique and creative storytelling, that differ from traditional consumer marketing. We have the in-house capacity to design and execute in several formats and media.

Digital Marketing

Crestview Strategy is a leader in leveraging digital tools on social media to engage diverse online influencer networks to integrate social media strategies and tactics that achieve focused public affairs objectives. This includes:

  • Digital Media Planning with the right content mix, select distribution, and frequency to deepen and maximize online client presence.
  • Digital Monitoring to identify and assess negative backlash, potential opportunities, and timely coverage.
  • Social Media Management with the objective to grow and develop content for online communities across diverse social media platforms ranging from paid, earned, owned and user-generated content.

Voter + Stakeholder Mobilization

Crestview Strategy develops tactics, digital tools and online platforms that encourage mobilization in voter communities using empowerment to effectively communicate their concerns to those who can make a difference.

When it is not appropriate or practical to mobilize voters en masse, Crestview Strategy seeks stakeholder groups invested in policy decisions to reach out and influence their select circles and communities. This includes:

  • Coalition Building Resilient policy changes are built on consensus. Crestview Strategy uses a variety of specialized tactics which build strong coalitions to influence and propel policymakers to make changes in line with client objectives.
  • Engagement Plans Crestview Strategy builds engagement and trust using direct dialogue, third-party support, key influencers, and grass-roots initiatives – creating a stronger connection with key audiences.

Campaign Planning + Management

Crestview Strategy develops and executes campaigns that deliver winning outcomes. Leveraging a full suite of campaign tools and decades of experience, we follow a proven methodology shaping and executing campaigns that engage and activate stakeholders, influencers, activists, and the public.

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Rob Moore Partner

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Evan Menzies Senior Campaign Strategist

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Nick Varley Partner

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Mandi Johnson Senior Consultant

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Sarina Rehal Partner

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Mira Ahmad Senior Campaign Strategist

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Ginny Roth Partner

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Bridget Howe Senior Consultant

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Stefano Hollands Consultant

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Marty von Wuthenau Vice President

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Rob Gilmour Vice President

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Nour Fahmy Consultant

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Vaibhav Joshi Consultant

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Taleesha Thorogood Senior Consultant

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Deborah Bacal

Deborah Bacal Vice President

Erlis Fino

Erlis Fino Campaign Strategist

Robyn McIsaac

Robyn McIsaac Vice President

Dale Palmeter Senior Consultant

Jordan Hudyma Campaign Strategist

Daniel Charron Senior Creative Strategist

Mark Spiro Partner

Sam O’Grady Consultant

John Ratchford

John Ratchford Partner

Marcus Macauley

Dr. Marcus Macauley Senior Data Scientist

Nicholas Pozhke Senior Consultant

Jason Craik Senior Consultant

Joseph Lavoie Partner

Emily Thorne

Emily Thorne Vice President

Sarah Carwana Consultant

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Lucy Warren Consultant

Alex Chreston

Alex Chreston Vice President

Jess Chin Creative Strategist

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