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We develop strategy for clients using a deliberative or adversarial model, allowing them to control the narrative and win public opinion battles. Whether to gain market share or establish a positive reputation we ensure clients are well prepared and well advised. How you tell your story and where you tell it is often the difference in successfully changing opinion, defending your interests, obtaining approval and mobilizing stakeholders.

Strategic Communications

Offering public opinion often requires articulating and advancing a narrative in adversarial environments. Crestview Strategy professionals are experienced in supporting organizations to address issues, answer criticism and manage opposition. We help our clients tell their story with impact, in the right place, at the right time. This includes:

  • Litigation Communications

    Traversing the intersection of law and public perception to minimize exposure and protect reputation in times of legal disputes requires specialized technical communications. We assist clients with communications when issues are before the court, managing key stakeholders, deterring negative media, and rebuilding reputation following an adverse judgment or incident.

  • Transaction Communications

    Building trust and credibility with the investor community and critical stakeholders. We provide financial and capital market participants with strategic communications advice, counsel, and execution focusing on private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, and pension funds.

  • Employee Engagement

    Enhancing reputation or managing an issue is more effective if internal audiences are aware, engaged, and support organizational goals. Crestview Strategy develops internal communications plans and strategies that resonate with employees, focusing on their perspectives and how they can contribute to organizational success.

Reputation Management

Crestview Strategy has served clients around the world that are dealing with existential threats or pursuing large-scale opportunities that are contingent on the perception of the community they seek to engage, or from whom they require support. We have a playbook and toolbox that have been successfully deployed to restore, protect, and enhance the reputation of industries, corporations, and individuals. These include:

  • Executive Visibility

    Crestview Strategy develops and executes comprehensive plans to support senior leaders to engage in media, speaking opportunities, and facility tours to effectively communicate on behalf of their organization.

  • Issues & Crisis Management

    Crestview Strategy has helped clients defend and re-build their reputation and credibility before, during a crisis, and beyond.
    Our crisis response strategy is based on experience and supports integration with business and legal representatives. We follow a war-room approach, real or virtual, that includes clear protocols, procedures, and is focused on disciplined briefings conducted by trained spokespeople, ensuring that employees are informed, and the right people are making decisions in critical environments.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Crestview Strategy has experience in advising and supporting organizations to meet the consistently increasing expectations on commitments and that go beyond return to shareholders. Crestview Strategy excels in anticipating and often shaping the expectations of critical stakeholders through research, analysis, and engagement.

Risk Management

Crestview Strategy can assess the political and stakeholder environment through our rigorous political risk methodology. This provides clients with robust data and analysis to help make critical decisions that can impact business strategies. We are focused on reducing client risk profiles by identifying, analyzing, prioritizing, and incorporating preventative measures as part of the comprehensive planning process.

Media Relations

Crestview Strategy has a team of communication professionals that work closely everyday with media across industry beats, markets, and traditional and emerging platforms. We deliver media plans that are focused on impact – influencing target audiences, crafting narratives and messages to bring together issues, opportunities, audiences, and channels.

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