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We design and execute deliberative research programs that inform and provide insight into clients’ most critical decisions. Following a disciplined set of principles, our seasoned professionals have experience in numerous qualitative and quantitative techniques for effectively measuring opinions among key audiences and using research to identify when and how opinions can be leveraged and mobilized for their greatest impact.

Public Opinion Research

Crestview Strategy has deep in-house expert research capabilities to determine who and what matters most, whether conducting quantitative or qualitative research, engaging directly with media, or policymakers.

Legislative & Parliamentary Monitoring

Crestview Strategy constantly monitors government: legislatures, committees, department updates, policy commitments, anywhere with the potential for impact. It is a hallmark of our methodology that we know any developments that could be relevant to a client first. Crestview Strategy never stops listening and analysing the official and unofficial dialogue of policy makers.

Political Analysis

Crestview Strategy professionals are sought out to provide commentary, insight and analysis on government and politics across Canada and in capitols around the globe. We provide clients with in-depth reports on single issue events, elections, or regular updates focused on an industry or jurisdiction.

Media Monitoring

Crestview Strategy uses keyword platforms and proprietary algorithms to provide clients local, national, and international print, broadcast, and social media monitoring. Our reports and updates provide a detailed coverage synopsis, perspective on current public opinion, and potential areas of concern.

Stakeholder Mapping

Crestview Strategy employs a proprietary stakeholder mapping/information gathering system that identifies and prioritizes involved decision-makers and stakeholders with potential for engagement. The end-product is an in-depth and dynamic view that reveals interconnections and assesses the influences that have an impact on an industry, issue, environment, or community.

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Andrew Brander Vice President

Marty von Wuthenau

Marty von Wuthenau Vice President

Dale Palmeter Senior Consultant

Jon Robinson

Jon Robinson Senior Consultant

Harry Burns Vice President

Julian Ovens

Julian Ovens Partner

John Ratchford

John Ratchford Partner

Celia McSwaine Vice President

Sam O’Grady Consultant

Evan Menzies

Evan Menzies Senior Campaign Strategist

Dan Moulton

Dan Moulton Partner

Nicholas Pozhke Senior Consultant

Isaac Kinsella Research Consultant

Ginny Roth

Ginny Roth Partner

John O'Leary

John O’Leary Senior Consultant

Mark Spiro Partner

Lee Boswell Consultant

Rob Moore

Rob Moore Partner

Robyn McIsaac

Robyn McIsaac Vice President

Lucy Warren

Lucy Warren Consultant

Mina Atia Consultant

Tom Vernon Consultant

Emily Thorne

Emily Thorne Vice President

Natasha Boeck Senior Consultant

Bridget Howe

Bridget Howe Senior Consultant

Kerem Karabeyoglu Consultant

Erlis Fino

Erlis Fino Senior Campaign Strategist

Anu Sharma Senior Consultant

Emily Gilroy Consultant

Bill Anderson

Bill Anderson Vice President

Stefano Hollands

Stefano Hollands Consultant

Mira Ahmad

Mira Ahmad Senior Campaign Strategist

Nour Fahmy

Nour Fahmy Consultant

Mandi Johnson

Mandi Johnson Senior Consultant

Kelly Dales Senior Consultant

Jeremy Stanford Consultant

Lucas Borchenko Consultant

Jasmeet Kaur Research Consultant

Kema Joseph

Kema Joseph Consultant

Sarina Rehal

Sarina Rehal Partner

Susie Heath

Susie Heath Senior Consultant

Karen Restoule Vice President

Angela Waz Consultant

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali Vice President

Grace Johnson Consultant

Taleesha Thorogood

Taleesha Thorogood Senior Consultant

Gurratan Singh Vice President

Melika Khajeh Research Analyst

Josh Harvey

Josh Harvey Senior Consultant

Vaibhav Joshi

Vaibhav Joshi Consultant

Jason Craik Senior Consultant

Diego Vasquez Research Consultant

Bernie Morton

Bernie Morton Vice President

Harriet Turner Consultant

Jordan Hudyma Campaign Strategist

Andrew Hall Consultant

Jasmine Lagundzija

Jasmine Lagundzija Senior Consultant

Nick Varley

Nick Varley Partner

Wendy Weston Practice Coordinator, Strategic Communications

Jess Chin Content Strategist

Rob Gilmour

Rob Gilmour Vice President

Marcus Macauley

Dr. Marcus Macauley Senior Data Scientist

Alex Chreston

Alex Chreston Vice President

Kelsie Chiasson

Kelsie Chiasson Senior Consultant

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Get in touch with our team so we can craft a solution tailored to achieve your strategic objectives.

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