May 26th Newsletter Round-Up

May 26, 2023


Highlights from Crestview Strategy’s weekly newsletters:


Recently, in addition to the ongoing importance of winning key battleground ridings in the province, it is becoming clear that mobilizing and engaging young voters to turnout to vote could be key to clinching success. Some data is suggesting that UCP voters see themselves as more moderate than the party they support, whereas NDP voters see the party as more left-leaning than they regard themselves to be. Consequently, according to recent opinion polling, it is not yet clear which party will successfully position themselves as the moderate choice. This could be yet another contributing factor to the race being so close, for which the impacts may not be known until the winner is announced on election day.

Atlantic Canada

The federal government is creating a task force to clarify regulations for potential tidal power projects after Sustainable Marine Energy, a UK based company, sought bankruptcy protection over delays the company claimed essentially killed the project despite provincial approvals. Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray says the task force will make recommendations on how her department can better communicate environmental requirements and speed up approval times.

British Columbia

While the session was light on new, defining pieces of legislation for Eby, the legislative assembly did pass some important new laws. For instance, the Pay Transparency Act will help close the pay equity gap between men and women, while also requiring pay scales to be included in job postings. The Civil Forfeiture Amendment Act gives government new powers to tackle money laundering by allowing the seizure of assets where the owner can’t explain the origin of their wealth. And the Intimate Images Protection Act takes important action on online sexual exploitation of children and so-called “revenge porn”. The BC NDP also made several significant funding announcements throughout the spring, including on housing, skills training, public safety, transportation and more.


Ontario to Dissolve the Peel Region and Establish Single-Tier Municipalities

The Ontario government introduced the Hazel McCallion Act, which, if passed, would dissolve the Regional Municipality of Peel, and make Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon independent, single-tier municipalities by 2025. Premier Ford has noted that a facilitator will be appointed to review the status needs of the upper-tier municipalities of Durham, Halton, Niagara, Simcoe, Waterloo and York to determine whether similar actions are required.


David Johnston will recommend Tuesday whether Canada needs interference inquiry– May 22, 2023

Special rapporteur David Johnston is expected to release his decision Tuesday on whether the federal Liberals should call a public inquiry on foreign interference. Johnston’s recommendation on the inquiry is set to come as part of an initial report about how the government should proceed with the allegations of interference. The former governor general is scheduled to give a news conference at noon on Tuesday upon releasing the report publicly.


The newest polls by Mainstreet Research show Olivia Chow holding on to her commanding lead with 30% of the vote. Ana Bailão is 10 points behind Chow at 20%, followed by Josh Matlow at 13.9%, Mark Saunders and Mitzie Hunter at 9.6% and 9.2%, respectively, and Brad Bradford at 4%.

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