McHill Advocacy Day

October 4, 2022


On September 20th Crestview Strategy held an advocacy day, “McHill Day” with McDonald’s Canada which was successful thanks to our team of public affairs experts, McDonald’s Canada and event sponsors. “McHill Day” was an impactful event in Ottawa which brought together McDonald’s Canada’s direct & indirect stakeholders with Parliamentarians, to create dialogue and enhance connections.

Advocacy days present a unique opportunity for clients to engage with decision-makers and increase their visibility. Our public affairs experts walk clients through the essential steps to executing a successful advocacy day from determining which decision-makers an organization should be targeting, selecting the right date, to creating memorable moments with stakeholders. The organization of an advocacy day requires a robust suite of activities to create meeting opportunities that decision-makers and their staff know cannot be missed.

As an organization there are numerous tactics that can be deployed for effective advocacy days. Crestview Strategy subject-matter experts craft an integrated approach incorporating logistics, media relations, event facilitation, and targeted digital messaging to guarantee that client objectives are met.

We ensured there was a great turnout for McHill Day, aligning the event with the first day of the fall session in Parliament. The event featured an address by CEO and President of McDonald’s Canada, Michèle Boudria, remarks from co-sponsors, and to top it all off guests were able to enjoy some of their favourite menu items from McDonald’s.


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