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January 29, 2024


Highlights from Crestview Strategy’s weekly Canada-wide newsletter:


Tucker Carlson talks Trudeau and Trump in Calgary with Danielle Smith

In a high-profile event in Calgary attended by approximately 4000 people, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith engaged in a sit-down interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, primarily focused on energy and environmental policies.The event has sparked controversy as a result of Carlson’s contentious views, drawing criticism from federal Liberal Cabinet Ministers and the Alberta NDP, who disapproved of Smith providing a platform to Carlson. Defending her participation, Premier Smith emphasized that her ideologies are not always in complete alignment with those she speaks, stating that her role is to engage in discussions that promote Alberta, which sometimes means using alternative media.

Atlantic Canada

Higgs talks health, affordability in pre-election state of the province speech

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs used his final state of the province address before the upcoming election to focus on healthcare, addiction services and affordability. Promising one-time payments for low-income families, Higgs highlighted a new MyHealthNB app for patient information and pledged to double addiction treatment capacity. The speech mostly avoided the controversial Policy 713 on sexual orientation and gender identity in schools, instead emphasizing increased spending for new schools. Unsurprisingly, the Opposition criticized the speech, calling for real solutions to challenges.

British Columbia

Province to appeal B.C. Supreme court injunction against public drug use law

The British Columbia government is set to appeal a B.C. Supreme Court ruling that temporarily suspended a law intended to ban drug use in most public spaces. The appeal, led by the province’s attorney general, seeks to reinstate the government’s efforts to regulate public drug use as part of its strategy to manage the ongoing crisis of illicit drug consumption. The law, which aims to curb public drug use, was initially blocked by the Supreme Court, prompting the government’s decision to appeal in order to enforce its public health and safety measures.


Ontario MPP Parm Gill Resigns to Join Federal Conservatives

Ontario Minister of Red Tape Reduction Parm Gill has resigned from the Legislature and Premier Ford’s cabinet to run for the federal Conservatives under Pierre Poilievre. Gill, who represented the riding of Milton, cited community support and a desire to run against the federal Liberals in the next election.


Trudeau announces ‘Team Canada’ approach to U.S. election

Prime Minister Justin Trudeauhas announced the formation of a “Team Canada” engagement to prepare for all potential outcomes from the upcoming United States presidential election this fall. Trudeau assigned Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne and Export Promotion, International Trade, and Economic Development Minister Mary Ng to collaborate with Ambassador to the U.S. Kirsten Hillman in fostering a unified approach. The team aims to work with businesses, entrepreneurs, labor groups, civil society, and different levels of government.


Toronto budget committee urges Olivia Chow to ease burden on residents, but stops short of asking for lower tax hike

As Mayor Olivia Chow gears up to present Toronto’s 2024 budget, council members are urging her to address the concerns of residentsgrappling with the possibility of a double-digit property tax increase. During a Friday concluding session of the council’s budget committee, Chair Councillor Shelley Carroll put forward a  “consensus motion” reflecting the sentiments expressed by residents during recent public consultations on the preliminary budget released by city staff. While the motion did not explicitly call for a reduction in the proposed 10.5% tax hike, it asked Mayor Chow to explore avenues for “enhancing affordability” for Toronto’s residents.


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