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As a power generation company with 25 facilities across North America, Capital Power faces a diverse range of issues across the policy, political, and regulatory landscapes. As governments were becoming more climate-focused and dedicated to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, Capital Power recognized that its long-term business objectives and future success were increasingly linked to and driven by government policymaking.

To ensure its continued future success, Capital Power needed to develop and maintain strong political relationships in key federal and provincial ministerial offices to provide the company with a clear line of sight on emerging policy trends and future government decision making and turned to Crestview Strategy for assistance.


Crestview Strategy provides strategic advice and counsel to Capital Power leadership, gathers intelligence on planned government policymaking, and develops and implements strategic public affairs programs positioning Capital Power as a government ally in the energy sector and advancing and defending the company’s business interests.

The agency represents Capital Power in its direct engagement in all jurisdictions building stable, lasting relationships with key political and public service officials and a strong roster of elected official champions at every level of government.


As a result of our strong partnership and work together, Capital Power has successfully established itself as a trusted government and industry ally. The company is regularly consulted on government policy decisions on energy and the environment and has developed significant financial partnerships with the Federal and Alberta provincial governments.

Crestview Strategy develops and delivers driving winning strategies to advance client goals. We connect and engage with third parties to create broad awareness and understanding and advance or defend interests to achieve successful outcomes. Our subject matter experts and dedicated integrated project teams support and respond to challenges and opportunities from multiple perspectives and expertise.

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