September 15th Newsletter Round-Up

September 15, 2022


Highlights from Crestview Strategy’s weekly newsletters:

Atlantic Canada

Nova Scotia Fisheries Minister Steve Craig has announced his intention to increase the maximum fine for commercial buyers who are caught selling out-of-season lobster from $100,000 to $1 million, in response to reports of ‘industrial-scale’ lobster fishing taking place outside of the federally regulated season in St. Mary’s Bay, near Digby. The area has experienced heightened tensions for a number of years during the summer season, which peaked in 2020 after Sipekne’katik First Nation launched a ‘self-regulated’ fishery. DFO seized more than 460 traps last week for non-compliance and arrested two people. Two others were arrested and later released this past weekend for alleged assaults at a protest on the Saulnierville Wharf.


Alberta enters global lithium race with opening of first extraction pilot project

E3 Lithium has opened Alberta’s first lithium extraction pilot project. Global demand for lithium has continued to climb in recent years due to the rise in electric vehicle manufacturing, and Alberta is home to one of the world’s largest deposits. Lithium extraction is a core focus of Canada’s Critical Minerals Strategy, an 8-year plan to increase domestic extraction and production of lithium, cobalt, copper, titanium, and zinc. E3 Lithium opened the site east of Olds and hold the mineral rights to an estimated 16 million tonnes, with a plan to extract lithium naturally from oilfield brines. The company aims to pilot the technology this fall, and suggests it is scalable to full commercialization by late 2026. While E3 is the first to begin extraction, several other companies in the province are in the planning stages, with both provincial and federal governments keen to quickly capitalize on the emergent industry.

British Columbia

New Poll shows BC Conservatives in Second Place

According to a new poll by MainStreet Research, the surging BC Conservatives would have the second largest share of the popular vote among decided voters if an election were held today. The BC Conservatives would hold 27 per cent of the vote – a staggering increase from just 2 per cent one year ago. The BC NDP would remain in first place at 35 per cent, and BC United would drop down to third place at 22 per cent, followed by the BC Greens in fourth place at 13 per cent.


The Ontario Legislature remains adjourned for the summer and will return on September 25th.

Ontario’s ombudsman released a report detailing challenges that faced the inspection system in the province’s long-term care homes during the initial weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic. While not new information, the report highlighted a number of areas in which needed improvement. The province has made significant changes since the pandemic to improve the safety of residents and staff during any future crisis.


The new conservatives: 12 to watch on Canada’s rapidly rising right – September 6, 2023

Leader Pierre Poilievre has been shaping the Conservative Party of Canada as his own since he took the helm nearly a year ago. He’s brought in close friends and collaborators from the Stephen Harper years, as well as fresh talent destined to become rising stars in the party. He is known to keep a tight circle of advisers, among them Jenni Byrne, one of Ottawa’s top powerbrokers.


Three progressives register in byelection race to replace Gary Crawford as Scarborough Southwest councillor – September 7, 2023

Parthi Kandavel, Kevin Rupasinghe, and Suman Roy registered for the upcoming election after nominations opened on Thursday. Kandavel and Rupasinghe finished second and third, respectively in, the previous election won by Crawford, while Roy ran against Crawford in 2018.

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