Pierre Poilievre Elected Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

August 24, 2022


The Hon. Pierre Poilievre was elected the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), receiving 68.15% of the vote on the first ballot. With his election win tonight, Poilievre officially replaces the Hon. Candice Bergen – who has served as the interim leader of the CPC since February 2022 – as the leader of the party and Official Opposition Leader.

A total of 437,854 members cast ballots in the election – the largest number of votes in any Canadian leadership election ever held.

Poilievre claimed victory on the first ballot with 22,993.42 points, winning all provinces and territories including vote-rich Ontario and Quebec. Runner-up Jean Charest received 5,421.62 points, Leslyn Lewis in third received 3,269.54 points, Roman Baber in fourth garnered 1,696.76 points, and Scott Aitchison finished fifth with 356.66 points.

Poilievre’s success with convincing Canadians to join the Conservative Party and cast their ballots for him can be attributed to his strong views on COVID-19, previous opposition to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and an effective team who ran a disciplined campaign which attracted support from non-traditional sources.

Full results of the leadership election can be found here.

The Hon. Pierre Poilievre has been an Ottawa-area Member of Parliament since the 2004 federal election. During Stephen Harper’s Conservative government, Poilievre served in several roles including as the Parliamentary Secretary to President of the Treasury Board, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure, and Communities and for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario. In 2013, he was named to Cabinet as Minister of State for Democratic Reform.

Poilievre attended the University of Calgary, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts. He then worked as a policy advisor to Canadian Alliance MPs the Hon. Stockwell Day and the Hon. Jason Kenney until his election in 2004 at the age of 25.

Poilievre’s core campaign promises are built around his foundational campaign plank of restoring freedom to Canadians. His core campaign promises include making homes more affordable, recognizing immigrant work qualifications, simplifying the Canadian tax code, and removing COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

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